The Cool House: The weekend: Highs and Lows

Monday, May 18, 2009

The weekend: Highs and Lows

A quick round-up of the weekend:

Highlights: Dinner with Mme Faboolosity and Hubby in the old 'hood, followed by Jill Sobule concert at The Landmark on Main Street. Spent evening coveting Jill's red velvet wedges.

Sunset on the deck in Huntington Bay, appetizers for dinner. (Cell service at the beach!)

Taking photos of the yard followed by best BBQ spare ribs and black beans ever.

Lows: First ever failed fairy cakes. I took this as a personal insult! (N.B. Failure does not mean inedible. There are only four left and I don't eat cake...)
Not fun yard work: weeding, removing thorny suckers and sucky vines; pruning the dead twigs from azalea bushes
Thousands of tiny caterpillars discovered the day after weeding - all over clothes, bedroom floor, bathroom. (The Guy had said the previous evening he thought ants were crawling over him and the zyrtec he took hadn't helped...)

Hitting head on outside lamp while taking close ups of planter... two of the three bulbs are no longer working but I have lump the size of lightbulb where I smacked it...


Charlie said...

With sunsets like that you must spend most of your summer evenings sipping cocktails, waiting for the sun to set.

heidi said...

Do you like your weekends with 1 lump, or 2? heeheehee.....
Thanks for sharing some of the good parts with us,

kathleen said...

That's funny. A typical day of yard work, injuries and all.

Jean Martha said...

Which reminds me, we need to make dinner plans.

modernemama said...

Fridge is full of food, wine, beer and there's tequila, gin and vodka in the freezer. Wha'cha waiting for?