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Friday, June 12, 2009

Uninteresting? Happy? Moi?

I've been tagged by the stylish From the Right Bank to the Left Coast to come up with six uninteresting things that make me happy - all those who think they already know too much about me and none of it could be called interesting, can just be quiet and those who say I'm rarely happy can move along. I'm in no mood for sarcasm today, I'm going to be positively full of joy!

In no particular order:

The water - coastline, lakes, bays, the ocean - it doesn't matter, to see the water every day makes me calm and happy

Snow - the first fat flakes falling out of the night sky and the crisp crunch of the icy crystals the following day.

Expressive flowers: blooms that beckon and sensual blossoms

The smell of old books: cloth covered or leather-bound and the age-stained pages of old encyclopedias

Seasonal food: A plate of fresh red cherries... or heirloom tomatoes ripened in the sun... or a simple salad

The clink of glasses, that happy sound that signals the start of a celebration, or a simple meal shared with friends. Cheers!

Now I'm tagging six inspiring people to do the same:
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All you have to do (but only if it makes you happy) is to find uninteresting things that make you happy, choose 6 people to tag and link your post back to me...



Thanks for playing. All of your six make me happy too. I'm now going back to being my cranky self. Enjoy your weekend!

Charlie said...

One thing you are not is uninteresting! As I read your list your list I smile because it could be my list. There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of an old book...I can just go on and on and claim your list:-) I love the photos you chose. Have a wonderful weekend!

Christy said...

I love this list too...makes me want to pop open a bottle right's 5pm somewhere, right?

marilyn @ simmer till done said...

I adore this list, full of salt air and juicy tomatoes and bubbles. Sorry, nothing you say will ever be truly uninteresting enough!

Why S? said...

Well played. You got in all the senses + one.

OK, I'll play along but give me a few days. I, too, am rarely happy.

T. said...

Hi - stumbled here after also getting tagged. I LOVE the smell of old books - and new books too, for that matter! :)

Jen said...

I like your list.
I know I am slow, but I will get to this.

Stay dry.

Christine H. said...

I've finally posted my "six things," better late than never. Thanks for the opportunity to share!