The Cool House: Beach Cat

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Cat

He's done it before, in fact he often takes a stroll down to the beach, but this is the first time I've captured photographic evidence of Cassis the Cat hanging out with Polly on the bulkhead overlooking the Sound.



You would never see my dogs doing that! Just the word "cat" makes them insane!

modernemama said...

Well Cassis thinks the dogs are his Mommies, they hang together all the time but the other cats are also considered "family members". All out of family felines are considered "the enemy" and thus fair game to be chased.

Why S? said...

My husband took our cat to Echo Park lake once. She didn't care for the outing. The geese scared her. I can't imagine her reaction to the beach. Scaredy cat.