The Cool House: Razed

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Eleven months after fire ravaged one of the loveliest Victorian beach cottages on the north shore of Long Island, it was finally demolished.

This was the scene on August 7 2008 after a severe thunderstorm caused a lightning strike, sparking a fire that rapidly spread through the home. It soon became apparent that the house could not be rebuilt and plans were made to raze it and start afresh.

On July 6 2009 the wrecking crew moved in. Most of the structure came down in a day but the chimney remained for a final twenty-four hours, the patterned wallpaper a poignant reminder of the beauty and charm of the old house. Soon a new house will be built, and a year from now maybe I'll be able to post a photo of the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes.

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Kathleen said...

How interesting. I love old houses, but fire damage is sometimes just too awful to undo. That looked like a lovely home. Hope they build something as beautiful in its place.


This makes me so sad but I hope they build something gorgeous to replace it.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

How sad! Looks like it was a really nice old house. Too bad lightning isn't more discriminating about which houses it hits.

modernemama said...

Today everything is gone - you'd never know that a glorious Victorian stood there for over 100 years. I'm sure whatever they build will be beautiful but I can envisage a year of huge construction trucks passing through the village until it's done!

Terry said...


heidi said...

that post stopped me in my tracks.