The Cool House: The final yard

Monday, August 24, 2009

The final yard

We were so impressed with the repaired stone step that we got totally carried away with plans for the neglected north side of the yard. The landscaper agreed that we should take all the junipers out and seed the entire area. This morning an area of some 3000 sq' was cleared of debris; desperate shrubs were pulled up; trees were trimmed. The whole area has been opened up, allowing us to get up the other stepping stone path (the one I made The Guy move 4" to the right last year) without being molested by the holly or juniper.
Just an aside but tell me, what kind of sadist plants prickly shrubs and bushes along a path?
Anyway, we have (almost) decided on a fence style, so by late September (hopefully) we should have the start of a lawn that will balance the whole front yard and some privacy for the pool, too.


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

My path has thorny rosebushes...and I'm talking like 2 inchers at some points (pardon the pun) I think our sadists are related.

Anonymous said...

One Hawthorn as the focal point tree of the front yard. Yeah we are just a little off center, just a tiny bit, I swear.