The Cool House: Lurking Above

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lurking Above

Alien life form? Back view of a Great Owl? Chewbacca headpiece? Monstrous apparition?
Alerted by a thwick, thwick noise, the sound of something dropping from the 40' pine tree, I looked up expecting to see a squirrel stripping pine cones and casting the debris to the ground. Instead I spied this huge (12"-18") nest. At first I thought it was a tree burl or that it might be a wasp or hornets' nest, but on closer inspection, with the aid of a zoom lens, I think it has more to do with Aves than Vespa.

But what kind of bird would build such an elaborate nest? I've spent as much free time as possible with the long lens trained on that small hole and I can proudly say I have identified the residents as birds: a pair of small, fast, brown birds. That's the best I can do. A humungous nest and two tiny brown birds. Maybe Jennifer can help? She correctly identified the giant moth from yesterday's post.
Birds, giant moths, spiders, flowers, a kitty and a week full of beachy posts - this seems to have become a blog on the flora and fauna of Long Island. Are we ever going to get back to the uniquely modern, I hear you cry. The answer is yes. Starting tomorrow, posts about the wonderful mid-century modern pieces that have been coming my way this week. Stay tuned!


pve design said...

Well well, we have a similar sort of nest in my rose bush, that is trellised along the wire...lots of little brown birds swoop in and out...and it is incredibly unique in the construction.
enjoy I know you have a lovely setting as well as they to find you.

Jennifer said...

No clue! I don't know birds at all, except the ones in my backyard!

Jean Martha said...

Wow, such an elaborate dwelling, they were clearly inspired by their surroundings.

Unknown said...

Are you sure you live on Long Island?! lol Nature is wonderful isn't it? Although I don't like all of the small, creepy, crawly creatures I still have to marvel at their strangth and innovation. That's a pretty amazing nest, I wonder what species it's home to.

Enjoy this beautiful Friday!

Kathleen said...

Incredible nest. Maybe they use it year after year? It looks very sturdy.