The Cool House: Evergreen Inspiration

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evergreen Inspiration

I have a plan in my head of how the final section of the yard should look but I'm having a hard time explaining it. So here (courtesy of the comprehensive Better Homes and Garden website) are some truly inspirational shots.

This is perhaps a little too close to how it used to look - except behind the-not so-lush junipers was 30 years of dumped debris and you couldn't walk down the path without getting scratched; I'm positive that is not the case here. Anyway, I love the boxwood edging under the rhododendron and the ground cover plants between the stones. If only money were no object...

This is probably the nearest to my ideal - a mix of evergreen and perennial, hard and soft textures, colour and structure

I love the autumn colors against the blues and greens of the conifers but I don't want to be raking any more leaves - and it kind of looks like the back yard at The Cool House right now

And finally... not evergreens but perennials. I couldn't resist this one full of perfect lush hostas. So far I've put in a whole lot of big, bi-coloured Frances Williams; I managed to score a few of the 6' wide Sum and Substance in my favourite shade of green - chartreuse; three cute, compact June hostas went in front of one hydrangea; another trio of medium-sized, speckled Revolution are under the black spruce and I bought as many Elegans as I could find. Now all I need them to do is spread out in well-formed clumps just like the photo...

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Kathleen said...

A few Japanese maples would give you the color you like, but wouldn't create a big mess of leaves to rake.

Your inspiration images are truly inspiring.

Here at my house, we're finishing painting the bookcases that were built-in about three months ago. We're so slow about getting things done. After the shelves are complete, the bazillion landscape and gardening books I have are going in them.