The Cool House: When angels come to the rescue... ::UPDATE::

Friday, September 04, 2009

When angels come to the rescue... ::UPDATE::

UPDATE: the Angel drove me in his truck to get the Crepe Myrtle I had seen earlier this week. That's above and beyond!

We have a host of house angels who go the extra mile for us. This week's star is definitely the landscaper and his crew... Meanwhile, did you doubt that I wouldn't be able to control my plant procuring self until Spring? There were bargains to be had:

I scored three huge - well they will be eventually - red toned hydrangeas and three prolific mopheads, "Nikkon Blue", at the 50% off section of the nursery

but the biggest deal was this yew that cost $7! Fingers crossed they survive the winter.

Super Landscaper to the rescue while I was at the Goombas event, planted everything, fixed the break in the sprinkler line, put on a new head and changed the direction of the others so the whole area gets watered. I told you he reads the blog...


Anna at discount bathroom vanity said...

I posted on your blog before. I just cant get enough of the backyard that you have... So much space and trees. Ill tell you, you dont see such an abundance of greens and space here in LA, so consider urself lucky! :-)) hopefully your new plants will survive the winter

Kathleen said...

Don't forget the mulch to keep the roots protected for the winter. Exciting to see this part of the yard progress.

modernemama said...

I expect my winter will be full of angst but rest assured I'll be mulching those plants as much as possible before it sets in.

Anonymous said...

Someone went shopping! Plant shopping at that, my favorite. How did you control yourself with all those sales?