The Cool House: Timeframes and plans

Friday, October 02, 2009

Timeframes and plans

We're about to embark on the biggest (in terms of finances) part of the ongoing gentle update of The Cool House, the master bath That is biggest so far, we still have the kitchen to sympathetically update, but we've been here for five years now and we decided to celebrate by tackling the monster bathroom and by reminding ourselves just how much we have accomplished in sixty-three months.
In 2006 I made a list of projects done and a rather optimistic timeframe for the complete rehab. Since then the to-do list has demonstrated a certain flexibility in terms of projects to be tackled and the time it will take us to complete them.

2004 Replaced refrigerator.
2004 Taken down 70s vinyl vertical blinds in den, dining room, living room and kitchen
2004 Taken out the faux 70s paneling in three rooms.
2004 Removed the mirrored closets in the master bedroom
2004 Replaced skirting board in master
2004 Shortened the pantry in the mud room
2004 Rewired lights on drives, dining room, kitchen and master closet.
2004 Replaced light fittings in master closet, bath, landing, bedrooms, foyer, dining room.
2004 Removed 70s shag carpets from six bedrooms.
2004 Installed hardwood floors on landing and balcony.
2004 Installed bamboo floors in bedroom.
2004 Removed carpets from front and back stairs and back hall.
2004 Capped the chimney.
2004 Replaced guttering.
2004 Removed dead and dangerous trees from yard, pruned back other shrubs.
2004/5/6 Replanted, planted, weeded ad nauseum.
2004/5 Refinished stairs, installed bamboo on back hall floor.
2004/5 Stripped wallpaper from foyer, front stairs and back hall, bedroom
2004/5/6 Painted master, office, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, back hall, closets
2005 Primed foyer and front hall.
2005 Re-roofed house.
2005 Stained siding and painted original windows and doors.
2005 Replaced corroded faucets in bathroom. Rebuilt one toilet, fixed two more.
2005 Replaced 15 windows.
2005 Stained 15 windows.
2006 New window treatments den, office, dining room, master, bedrooms.
2006 Replaced dishwasher.
2006 Replaced 5" replacement guttering with 6" guttering
2006 Replaced garden gate
2007 New washer/dryer
2007 Replaced BBQ
2007 Boys' Bath renovated
2007 Girls' Bath updated
2007 Downstairs Bath updated
2007 Replaced one window
2008 Repaired siding
2008 Installed upper laundry cabinets
2008 Renovated powder room
2008 Replaced hot water tank
2009 Repaired bridge
2009 Remortared steps, replaced cracked bluestone
2009 Rehabilitated and planted north side of yard

Still to do, with new timeframe:
2009 Renovate master bath
2009 Finish master bedroom
2009 Finish laundry room
2009 Replace fencing
2009 Repair sliding doors
2009 Replace 3 0f the 6 remaining original windows (master and den)
2010 Renovate kitchen
2010 Decorate foyer and hall stairs
2010 Sealcoat drives and tear up concrete in front of garages, replace with cobblestones
2011 Replace carpet in den and dining room
2012 Marble dust pool and replace pool heater. Renovate outdoor bar
2013 Finish basement
2014 Whatever else we've forgotten/overlooked.

Our original plan was to have the house totally updated by the end of 2012. We knew two years ago that we weren't going to make that deadline and earlier this year I despaired of ever finishing the renovations but looking over this list I feel much better - so the original 8 year plan became a 10 year testament to our love for the house, it doesn't matter as long as we don't intend to sell the house. We can take our time, do what we have to and tackle the maintenance as it arises.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

You have done A LOT in 63 months! No one can keep up that pace ;) But you're right, its your forever home, no need to rush. Looking forward to the bathroom transformation!

susan said...

What a list! I've just finished a master bath for clients in Centerport. The towel warmer, the shower rain head, suspended cabinetry, marble countertop, lots more fun stuff! Have fun planning, and please don't hesitate to come to me for ideas/information, etc. I'd love to be in the loop and hear the details! Have fun!

modernemama said...

Thanks, will let you all know as my make the choices for the bath

The Redhead Riter said...

That's a lot of work!

Nadine @ BDG said...

your list is amazing-- and i know once you make the rounds with all areas of the house, you'll simply find more! It's the nature of the beast.

modernemama said...

You are so right!
It never ends, one more:
Reupholster Harvey Probber sectional in the great room..

Dianna said...

It sounds like your having fun and you love your house. Making the list to remind yourself of your accomplishments was smart.

Remolding is hard and messy, but worth wild when complete and can be enjoyed.

hometools said...

Wow thats a big home improvement list, and it's a diy, do-it-yourself list at that. I especially like the bamboo floors.