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Friday, November 13, 2009

Getty Museum

With all the reupholstery/renovation/yard/maintenance drama that's been happening on the home front I completely forgot to post some of the photos from LA where we ended up after our trip to Palm Springs. So, with minimal commentary, this is what we packed into 4 hours one afternoon...

The breathtaking architecture that is the Richard Meier designed Getty Center

The juxtaposition of rough and smooth surfaces

The Robert Irwin designed Central Garden at The Getty Museum - a growing maze in a water-filled arena. Stunning!

More hard/soft shapes and textures

Feeding my Magritte obsession

The plaza at the end of the day.
That's just the exterior, the Getty collection is just as stunning - as anyone who saw last week's Project Runway 6 will attest to. More from California tomorrow.

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Why S? said...

The Getty is my favorite place to take out of town visitors. There's something for everyone, even those who don't happen to be art lovers. It's well worth the trip just to stroll around the garden. And of course, the garden changes with every visit.