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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ripe Art

Big art, small art, insects and of course, houses at Nadine Bouler's show, part of the current exhibition at Ripe Art Gallery.

Part of the House series - just prior to the red stickers going up.

House in Flight

Some of the Big Girls

The Alphahouse series

Despite the appalling weather the room was packed: The Loyal Blog Reader, the Artist, The Guy and the Awesome Designer in front of some of the House series of paintings

the Gallery owner and artist, Cherie Via met up with some old friends.

It's an awesome collection; besides Nadine's beautiful and haunting work, Triple Deuce Jewels was showing some rocking silver jewelry; there were ceramics and felted scarves and some fetching blue and pink Pet Semen globes that invited closer inspection. In fact I'm going to go back mid-week for a second viewing. The show runs from today until the end of December. Unfortunately after today you might not see Nadine's fabulous vintage dress but you should go anyway:
Ripe Art Gallery
67 Broadway
Greenlawn, NY 11740-1302
(631) 239-1805


Jennifer said...

Looks like an awesome show!

Nadine @ BDG said...

you, my dear, are too kind, generous, and lovely. many hugs to you and the guy for being there today. xo nadine

Anonymous said...

While the paintings were interesting - and I can't wait to see the "flying house" on your wall - I do think the hat gives The Guy a kind of dashing trendy classic European artistic aura about him.

Primary Work at Home said...

I like the paintings. I really love it.