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Friday, December 04, 2009

There is a light

... that never comes on. The light on the refrigerator side of the alarmingly expensive Sub-Zero 690 that is - the freezer is lit so I can check the vodka is ok and I know the fridge is cold but I have no idea how cold because THE LIGHT SWITCH IS NOT WORKING. I had the condenser replaced in the summer, the water dispenser re-fitted, twice, when we first got it in 2004; I am not a happy bunny.
A gem from their website "Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances are built to exacting standards..." Yep, that's exactly the adjective I would have chosen! Oh, and have I mentioned that every summer when it gets hot (like EVERY summer in New York) the ice maker stops working and you have to reset the system? Every summer. It's become something of a joke, except that it's not funny.
A guy is coming today to fix it. He's been before, doubtless he will come again. As they say on their website: Your relationship with Sub-Zero and Wolf doesn’t end the second your appliances are installed. In fact, we hope that’s just the beginning of a long relationship.
To keep my sanity (and my temper) I'm singing this song with slightly altered lyrics. Enjoy!


house things said...

Kind of reminds me of our ongoing relationship with Thermador.

Next kitchen will have bottom of the line appliances and I bet they'll work just as well as the expensive appliances.

modernemama said...

A different came, he swapped the switch within a couple of seconds and then found the reason why the thing has never kept its cool in the summer - the fan motor was working at a quarter speed - and he assures me that's it for things that are likely to go wrong. He also told me which wall oven to buy for the kitchen reno so we have no bother EVER... and. yep, in a previous house I had Thermador dual fuel problems, too.

modernemama said...

repair guy, man, I meant to say...