The Cool House: Decor Encore

Monday, January 11, 2010

Decor Encore

A couple of accessories made their way into The Cool House recently. Firstly, thanks to kind Patricia who keeps her eye out for Georges Briard pieces, a serving dish with a stunning MCM pattern on the lid

Next from a local Antique dealer at Yankee Peddler this large grey ceramic lamp. A uniquely modern bargain with a very sensual shape. It lacks a shade though and the naked CFL bulb is not doing it for me at all. What do you think - Drum? Oval? Giclee?


priscilla said...

Giclee or a woven one for sure. Glad you like the dish.

heidi said...


modernemama said...

Priscilla: watch for the mailman Thurs-Sat. - Just a small thank you.
Heidi - isn't it the best?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Love. Drum shade? Hard to say but I think I'm leaning towards woven drum. The lamp is so fabulous I'd hate to take away from it as the focal point (that's my HGTV-speak. Remember HGTV? ;-)