The Cool House: Coming in Last

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming in Last

The painting is done except for some trim touch-ups, the painter wants to come in after everyone else has finished in case there are any nicks or dings made in the final fittings of the vanities. The plumber likes to be last so no-one drops or drips anything on the shiny shower fixtures (and those faucets can't go in until the counter top is installed). The carpenter likes to be last because of potential paint spots on his cabinetry. The electrician has to be last because his finish plates fit over everything else.
I'm thinking of scheduling them all on the same day, shutting the pocket door and letting them fight it out in the 8' x 8' x 8' box that is the bathroom.... Life was so much simpler with The Handyman!

Image of the Greek god Triton controlling the waves of contractors seas.


house things said...

Too funny.

Kate R said...

I think your idea sounds excellent!

NV said...

i'm picture that scene unfolding and LMAO. Besides, we couldn't get all of them in the bathroom without some of them being in the tub!

Why S? said...

The husband of the house votes for the paint guy to go last. I know nothing so I'll give him the vote this time.