The Cool House: Maybe it was meant to be... the shower edition

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Maybe it was meant to be... the shower edition

After leaving the carpenter an amusing passive/aggressive note on the shower wall and mulling over the options to make the recessed shelf look sleek and chic and talking to The Guy who loves the Smedbo basket in the boys' shower I did a complete u-turn and started to think chrome shower shelves. After all two words that make me cringe are cubby (I always want to follow it by shouting Broccoli!) and niche especially when pronounced nitch! Soooo, should I run with my original idea or re-design on the fly?
There a couple of modern solutions that would fit with the hardware we are using in the rest of the bathroom

Ginger soap basket 36.60.20 from $195.75

Smedo Sideline Chrome basket $86.40 from

What do you think interwebs? Do you prefer a cubby/niche/recessed area for your shampoo and shower gel or a basket or even a shelf?


Magpie said...

I would take a nook/cubby/niche in a heartbeat. Easier to clean, sturdier.

Why S? said...

I'm with Magpie. The hardware is lovely in the picture, but once water, shampoo, conditioner, etc. find their way onto, I don't know. Plus, they're pricey. Plus, plus, if the coating or metal don't hold up for some reason, you'll have to replace them. That'll be a pain. I say - recess.

Ashley said...

I think I might have to echo what Magpie said as well. As far as bath hardware is considered, in this situation, I'd have to pick the "nook/cubby/niche" option.