The Cool House: On wheels

Monday, May 31, 2010

On wheels

That whole match the cabinet to the picture idea was a real winner - twice over. We took advantage of the carpenter's absence to do a dry run of the cabinets under the window and decided to change the configuration slightly. Then we swapped the images on the window and voila - the carpenter, when he returns, will know exactly what goes where.
By moving one cabinet from the extreme left to the right side of the run we can place the dishwasher next to the sink rather than adjacent. The footprint remains the same but the countertop won't project into the room as far. This will open up in the kitchen even more, so much so that I'm thinking of ordering roller skates and waitress outfit to get around!


Nadine @ BDG said...

ooo so nice! love the color and the placement of the island--

Joylee said...

I beg for your help. I have dark wood trim in my 1976 split level home. The staircase and layout is pretty clean-lined and I am transforming it to look modern. I am NOT painting the trim. Every single shade of gray clashes with the trim. I have gray large area rug, dove gray modern couch, and the ONLY color I can find that looks modern and doesn't clash with dark trim is an airy light yellow. I don't want to paint it yellow. What color are you going with your dark trim? The only pics of dark trim I can find is jet black. I will be your best friend if you respond with any helpful hints? I have 9 different patches colors of gray on my wall right now, and I'm going insane with obsession.
Thank you in advance!

modernemama said...

Joylee: the trim is stained walnut, the best matches I found for the trim paintwise is BM Wenge and BM Bittersweet Chocolate ( see master bedroom posts). For the walls I've used BM Titanium in the dining room, master bedroom and the kitchen. BM Gray Cashmere also looked good. In the sunnier bedrooms I used BM Bronzed Beige and it looks great. I also like BM Cloud White if you need a creamy neutral. There are a few other selections that didn't make the cut at
Unsurprisingly, I haven't decided on the kitchen wall color yet...