The Cool House: Tidying Up

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tidying Up

A few items on the punch list were taken care of late yesterday:
The inferior hardwood flooring was hauled away
The mud room door was painted to match the Marvin medium bronze windows
The offensive thick trim around the kitchen slider was removed and replaced with square edge trim that matches the rest of the moldings in the house
The kitchen walls and ceiling were smoothed with spackle, mud, joint compound.
The template guy came, discussed the changes I want to make to the island, nixed all backsplashes, measured and templated and told me he'd see if his boss could actually do what I wanted.

Just because I am nuts the carpenter, flooring guy and I examined the old water damage to the triangular window in the bamboo room, decided the window could stay but the trim had to go. So that is being reframed and will be stained to match the other windows.
There will be uniformity in this uniquely modern house even if it costs me my sanity and my retirement fund!

I celebrated the end of the workday with 2 Advil and a very strong G&T


NV said...

OK. I think you need to invoke the This D*mn House mantra:
It will get done. It will look great. It will all be worth it.

That little phrase has saved my sanity more than once! :-)

modernemama said...

Thank you. Hearing from people who have survived a major renovation makes me believe it is possible it will eventually be done - and be done right!

Kate R said...

Sounds like a good way to end the work day, especially the G&T.

Why S? said...

I survived both our complete gut to the studs renovation as well as more than one instance of vodka & vicodin combo.

Believe me, you'll be fine. And in the end, very, very happy.