The Cool House: The only three words that matter

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The only three words that matter

spoken by the Guy as he sat in the renovated (except for the baseboards!)

and temporarily* redecorated den watching the Tour de France...

"you were right"

*once we were happy with the rug in its new position we took it up again. It will be another 4 weeks before we can put rugs on the newly sealed floor - this is why people buy pre-finished flooring!


heidi said...

I LOVE hearing those 3 words! Usually followed by:
"I know."

modernemama said...

or "...again!"

Very0me said...

Wow, it looks beautifull!!

What's happening behind the smaller sofa?

Why S? said...

And she scores!

I've often wondered about my decision to go with pre-finished flooring. I'm still not sure it it was the right thing. The pain would be long over by now. Or would it?

modernemama said...

I think the best finish is on the BR 111 we put in in 2004, it looks as good as it did 6 years ago. The site finished is good too but we have to have another layer in the kitchen where there are two strands of hair & some dirt embedded in the seal. Total pain the butt!