The Cool House: Matching panels

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Matching panels

A couple of things got crossed off the punch list today. I fixed the brown switchplates under the countertops and they installed the other Caesarstone island panel... at last

This side needs a switchplate cover but of course I didn't have a white one in the house. Next order of business - sanding out the grit & hair on the floor & re-sealing, followed by molding, toekicks and baseboards. Then paint. I seriously cannot wait for the paint, that's when I'll know the kitchen renovation is finally finished.


Very0me said...

Looks gorgious already! Glossy magazine pretty!

Joanne said...

A seriously drool-worthy kitchen.

modernemama said...

:-) 'm so glad the kitchen looks good in the photo because the counters are decorated with cat fur and the floor is covered in doggie drool ;-)

Lindsay Hosanna said...

I LOVE your island! Your whole kitchen looks great, but that island is divine.