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Friday, October 01, 2010

That was then, this is now

It's raining, the lock on the new back door has failed (old lock, new door) and I'm waiting for it to dry out so I can install one the new one (actually bought in 2007. I knew it would come in handy one day). All the constant maintenance got me thinking about what I'd been up to in previous Octobers since we moved here. For example, a year ago we were anticipating the start of the big projects we've undertaken this year: remodeling the master bed, bath and the kitchen. While looking forward I was also ticking things off the to-do list and I'm pleased to report that with the exception of one of the replacement windows and the hall that will be decorated this autumn, we are back on schedule - we've even tackled the 2011 items and taken care of a couple things that didn't appear on that list.
It's not always about The Cool House and renovations, though. For three straight years I posted about things other than dust, debris and demolition. On this day in 2008 I was more obsessed about the Presidential election than the house, a year earlier I had been concerned about where I was going to eat in town and in 2006 we were mourning a truly great kitty.
In the early days of this blog I didn't write so much but the topics were confined to the house and the Incorporated Village. In October 2005 there was only one post. I'd finally finished the back stairs - only to have the big dog fall down and "distress" them for me. The flooring guy was supposed to fix those for me this summer but I guess the only way they will be redone is if I get down on my knees and DO IT MYSELF!
Finally, all the way back in October 2004 I was eagerly awaiting the berm that would keep the water running down the street from flooding our yard. And ironically, here I am six years later watching the remains of Tropical Storm Nicole pour down and the torrent of water pass by on its way to the newly installed drains at the end of the road. Progress!

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