The Cool House: What Once Was

Friday, November 19, 2010

What Once Was

"Go get your camera" the squirrel said as he sat on the branch
"I don't think so" I replied. "You'll just move while I'm gone"
"C'mon, trust me. I've been sitting here for five minutes. Do you think I'd leave now?"
"Sure, squirrels are notorious for disappearing the minute your back is turned"
"Look, I'm here, I'll stay a little longer. Do you like my bushy tail? Wouldn't you like a photo of my cute eyes, my tufty ears?"
"OK, don't move, I'm coming right back"

"You're still there!"
"Of course I am, I said I would be"
"Hang on while I pull the lens cap off"

Point. Click. Gone!

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Anonymous said...

So true.