The Cool House: Queen Canute

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queen Canute

The weather people are forecasting another dollop of white stuff tonight and tomorrow, this despite someone declaring a Snowatus, a respite from snow for a period of time (I'm thinking decades would be a good length). We haven't fully dug out from the storm last week that landed on top of the remnants of the day-after-xmas Snowpocageddon although the icicles are no longer as spectacular as they were.
My curmudgeonliness may be due to the postponement of a trip to the far coast, where it's apparently unseasonably balmy right now but on the other hand I have shoveller's back and I'm sick of cleaning sand and snowmelt off the animals' paws. Thank you winter, enough already!
So I'm going to sit in my American MCM classic chair and, as the Viking ruler of England did with the waves (or so goes the legend), command the snow not to fall.


Renovations Raleigh NC said...

Nice shape of "Queen Canute" for the weather forecasting.
Thank you for post.

Why S? said...

If you do make it west, and if you plan to also visit parts south of Monterrey, do drop by. It's nice.