The Cool House: The den: A study in black and brown

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The den: A study in black and brown

I've posted nothing about this room since the sneak peek of the rug last year. I'm still on the fence about that, it's warm and soft which makes it a kind of kitty heaven but that leads to clawing and fur balls so we may end up putting it in Verity's room but for now it stays.

It isn't a completely finished room yet, we'll replace the last huge single glazed window at some point, add some bookshelves or corner cabinets. maybe a game table under the chandelier and give the walls a coat of paint but for now it's a liveable, cosy space.

This is how it used to look before I suffered a renovation breakdown and got rid of the raised dais and built in cabinets.

The northwest side: I ended up placing the Probber cube in the corner behind the Eames Lounge chair, mainly so we had enough light to read in the evenings without waiting for the time-delay spots to come on. I have fantasies about a cowhide rug under the chair...

Before: The same angle with original stained carpet.


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It is nice to see a "beach house" decorated without the (seemingly requisite) shells, "this way to the beach" signs, blues and yellow stripes, and every other cliche that you find anywhere near the coast.

This feels like an intelligent use of space without yelling "HEY, LOOK AT MY BEACH HOUSE!"

modernemama said...

Thanks, it's definitely a unique look

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