The Cool House: Tree trimming

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tree trimming

You probably wouldn't know it unless you live in the neighborhood and had to listen to the noise of the chainsaws for six hours, but we had the trees thinned this week. It's been five years since we did  it last and they had really thickened up. I'd prefer not to have an oak or beech tree branch take out a wing of the house or the maples pull the power lines down during an ice storm. The LIPA tree guys were out in August clearing the lines on the road, which was a good reminder for us to trim on the rest of the property. The fantastic landscaper removed the hideous junipers from the back drive and pruned back anything ornamental, the professional tree guys took care of the tall trees including the damned linden, not to protect the house because that thing is balsa wood and limbs weigh the same as a bag of cotton wool balls but to protect ourselves from the rock hard seed balls that rain down on us from late April to June, the time when, obviously, we want to enjoy the outdoors and eat on the patio. I swear one year I'm gonna take a chainsaw to that tree just below its canopy...

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