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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008. What happened?

There's a big blog party going down at Southern Hospitality. I dropped by to pick up some inspiration for 2009 projects and it got me thinking: what exactly have I done since the start of 2008?
Well, there was one big project that we started and finished that year. Surprisingly for us it was drama-free and didn't involve any design dilemmas. OK there was the vessel sink fiasco but the powder room update turned out fine, much better than my original scheme. The fact that I left the day the Handyman started and got back as he was putting the finishing touches on the work probably helped a lot here.

Then there were the projects, like the laundry room, started the year before that we finished up, or almost finished. The laundry still has to be tiled - but we'll get to that eventually. The cabinets were a revelation. For those that have considered Ikea kitchen cabinets and wondered about the quality, I tell you not to hesitate. They have withstood slamming, knocking and cat scratching - not to mention cat food all over the doors - and they come clean with just a wipe. (The laundry is divided into one area for clothes and a cat-feeding station). They also hold many trays of cat food and pounds of kibble and have shown no signs of stress.

We put a coat of paint on the ceiling of one bathroom we remodeled the year before and hung a towel rail in another. That one towel rail caused more drama than all the other projects put together but the end result was (almost) worth it.

We hung new curtains in the master bedroom and re-oriented the bed, again.

A fair amount of maintenance was completed, including filling holes caused by the woodpecker, carpenter bees and rot. The Guy weatherproofed a couple of windows and we patched, sanded and stained endlessly this summer. The siding around the kitchen slider was salvaged and all of this with only minor damage to the house or ourselves.

I restored a family heirloom and was so enthusiastic about the result I went on to spruce up the wood trim in the house. Lots of wood trim. We finally found the right modern card table for the great room. And finally, for some insane reason we moved the garden path. We moved it four inches. I don't think The Guy is fully over this one yet!
Looking back I'm surprised at the amount we accomplished this year; for a long time I've focused on the projects we haven't done (the master bath, three years on the wait list, springs to mind) and I had the feeling that 2008 slid by without anything tangible to show for it. Now I can see that it's not so bad. But that doesn't make the to-do list for 2009 any shorter!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Project Humanity

At the beginning of the summer I mentioned that One Project Closer was running a competition for the best makeover with proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity. The competition deadline has passed but the fun continues. Now it is up to you, dear reader, to vote for the most impressive Before and After project. There are fourteen good'uns to choose from (including mine), and the lucky winner gets a $50 gift card.
Remember, US readers, that there are important elections coming up next month, and you need to get your technique down now. We don't need another hanging chad debacle, so practice for Nov 4 by selecting the most appropriate candidate at One Project Closer: Before and After.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Before and after houseplants

I finally did it. I took the banana tree outside and let nature takes its course. Then I planted the container with white and purple impatiens and variegated ivy. Not very originla, I know, but a whole lot prettier than the sad house plant.

Now I have a huge bare space in the great room where the half-dead plant used to reside. Whatever am I going to put there?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Before and After: The Habitat for Humanity Project

Fred and Ethan at One Project Closer are taking their popular Before and After segment and using it to help raise awareness (and hopefully some funds too) for Habitat for Humanity. They are asking you to share your Before and After makeover story from this spring or summer with intereaders. They will pick the best and post them each Sunday from June 22 until September 21, 2008.
Bonus: the best project wins a $50 home improvement gift.
Even if you're not undertaking any projects this season go check out One Project Closer, it's full of useful tips and info. Want to know how to save yourself big plumber bucks when your copper pipe springs a leak? The answer's here.