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Monday, August 25, 2008

Universally Good- science, brunch, design, musical theater and a bonus

We had to fit in a fair amount yesterday and still be home by mid-afternoon so we were lucky to score 2 hours parking on a meter right outside the Whitney Museum to see Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe. I have been planning to visit the exhibition since it opened and it was everything I anticipated: fascinating videos of Fuller demonstrating his genius, models of geodesic structures, an actual Dymaxion car and his no-impact, super efficient, fire, earthquake and trauma resistant Dymaxion House. I also learnt that he truly was a rounded individual. In between formulating his theories about the homogenity of the universe and the challenges facing humankind and designing his many inventions he still found time to perform in a play with Willem and Elaine de Kooning.
After delicious mimosas and the best Salmon Eggs Benedict at Sarabeth's, the Whitney cafe, we hit the road homewards making a stop at the Roslyn DWR Studio to pick up the copy of How to See: A Guide to Reading Our Man-Made Environment by George Nelson that The Guy had won back in March and to meet Heffner, the most adorable 11 week old Shipoo Shizoodle Shih Tzu-Miniature Poodle cross, I've ever seen.
Back at The Cool House, while The Guy caught up with work-related work I threw myself on the sofa and watched the fabulous Camp on IFC. So much talent, so much fun and a soundtrack that includes M People and Oasis. Alright!
All in all a pretty perfect Sunday, and a zillion times better than the day before. And to round it off I came across this:

For all of you with time on your hands, access to a hot glue gun and a few waffle ice cream cones, may I suggest the following activity: Make a bio-degradable (though unfortunately non-edible), buckyball. The perfect summer project.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Brunch: Eggs Benedict or Joe's O's

This is Sunday brunch over at the awesome designers' cottage. Eggs Benedict, stuffed tomatoes, asparagus, coffee cake with two kinds of homemade preserves and mimosas.

This is breakfast at The Cool House. Every day. The fact that it is served on Sunday morning does not make it brunch. I am starting to suffer from a massive inferiority complex. However that will not deter me from eating over at the neighbors' at every opportunity. Hell, I might even move in there permanently. Who could blame me? Everything is better over there.