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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wonderful Cabaret

At the Cabinet of Wonders last night, an ensemble of writers, actors, musicians or writer/actor/musicians/magicians orchestrated by Wes Stace, aka John Wesley Harding, entertained us with a variety show that was more than the sum of its parts.
The audience wasn't confined to fans of JWH's music; I sat next to the delightful Dave King, author of The Ha-Ha, who knew JWH as writer Wesley Stace. The table was pretty much divided into the iphone obsessed who twittered (Note to self: don't try twittering and applauding simultaneously. Your gibberish will be uploaded to your eternal shame) and checked their email while waiting for the show to begin, and those who wondered how anyone could read the tiny text (the answer to that is badly as evidenced by the error laden messages I sent).
Cabinet cast included:
Graham Parker
Josh Ritter
Eugene Mirman
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Felsenfeld
Dan John Miller
Sam Lipsyte
Highlights for me: Josh Ritter's beautiful rendition of a Sussex Ghost Story and a rocking version of Your Mind's Playing Tricks On You with Graham Parker. The wonder of the show is not only the singular perspectives the participants bring but the ever changing line-up - the cast at the next performance will not be the same as last night - that makes for a unique experience each time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cabinet of Wonders

Cabinet of Wonders from factory twenty five on Vimeo.
We were in the audience for the live recording of fan favourites and we'll be out again this evening for the last date in John Wesley Harding's Cabinet of Wonders NYC run at Le Poisson Rouge with Graham Parker, Josh Ritter, Sam Lipsyte, Madrigals and Eugene Mirman. Anticipating much frivolity, fine music and magic.

Springtime Xmas Offers

Look what just arrived in my inbox. On April 15th. For a show that doesn't start until November 13th. My neighbor hasn't even taken down her Christmas wreath and I get this from Radio City Music Hall.
So let me get this right Messers. Dolan, MSG Entertainment, Ticketmaster, Amex et al: You can't sell me a ticket to see Leonard Cohen at the original price because they get sold early in a scheme/scam designed to frustrate the hell out of genuine fans while simultaneously making scalpers a quick payload but I get plenty of time, A WHOLE FREAKIN' SEVEN MONTHS, to buy a seat for the Rockettes? Oh, and don't try to sweeten the deal with a free t-shirt, that just makes me mad.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A baby, yarn and rocking tunes

I've seen some odd things at events in my time. I've seen the aunties playing cards at Hindu weddings; after all they go on for days, so it's as well to be occupied at the quieter moments. And I've lived in New York long enough to realise that people here don't understand there is a direct correlation between the amount of beer they drink and the number of times they will need to go to the bathroom during a two hour concert. I once stood next to someone at a David Bowie concert who talked non-stop to his neighbor throughout the entire set while taking sips from the two pints he was holding - one in each hand- the only time I could enjoy Bowie was when he staggered off for a refill or an outlet.
So I've gotten used to being one of the few that actually likes to listen to the music or watch the action but last night was a first for me. Seated next to The Guy was a woman, who while we waited for the concert to begin, brought out a black skein of wool and proceeded to knit. I thought that was just to pass the time before things got going but no, she knitted throughout the evening. How is that possible? Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone do it? Tell me, I won't judge, I just need to understand. Of course in my hands knitting needles would be a lethal weapon, or at least an accident waiting to happen. And tell me, how do you applaud when you are holding 8" needles?
Anyway, the music was fabulous, all oldies except one great new song that will be on the new album, Who was Changed and Who was Dead. That was the reason we were there, to provide the audience for the bonus live dvd that will be part of the package. There were a bunch of special guests, including Wes' brand new baby (who only whimpered when the band left the stage) and, big surprise, the awesome Josh Ritter, who joined JWH for my favourite song, Our Lady of the Highways.

John Wesley Harding - music to knit by. Enjoy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

John Wesley Harding: Dirty Work

More than you ever wanted to know about Steely Dan - a band you either love or hate*, and I'm definitely with JWH on this one, I'm a true hater. Still, it's a great cover.
From the Stars in the Margins Show at The Zipper Theater in Manhattan on 8/11/08 that also featured Martha Plimpton, Rufus Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche amongst others. I missed the show but, happy, happy, joy, joy, I won tickets to the upcoming John Wesley Harding performance at Union Hall, Brooklyn on October 27. How cool is that?

*There are a bunch of mega-popular stadium-filling bands that I consider a complete waste of space. Of course they sell millions of records and have huge fame and wealth and I, em, don't. But that won't stop me telling the internets why I want to fall to the floor and pound it with my fists while screaming at the top of my lungs when I hear certain songs, will it? One day I'll do a post about them and you can hurl rotten eggs at me. Or perhaps you'll agree?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jo Co @ The Highline

Fantastic start to summmer. Jonathan Coulton at The Highline Ballroom with Paul & Storm. Geeks and nerds abounded. We got to play pirates and zombies, laugh at Mandelbrot jokes

and sing along to Code Monkey

Monkey phone home

For some reason the Monkey got to hang out at our table. Maybe because there was plenty of beer. Or maybe he just liked girls from Huntington.

Bonus: The food at The Highline is unbelievably good. So are the Chelsea Martinis. That sure kicks the butt of Madison Square Gardens where overpriced nachos and warm beer are the culinary high points and tickets cost a whole bunch more! The Highline is my new favourite NY concert venue. I wonder if I can persuade The Guy to go to Tragedy! the tri-state area's #1 metal tribute to the Bee Gees?