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Monday, January 18, 2010


I was going to entitle the post "Plumbers Gone Awol" but as I still have a home, and a functioning bathroom I'm going look on the positive side and not whinge or whine. I have a garage full of fixtures and a closet full of fittings. The cabinets arrive tomorrow and once they go in I can order the countertop, once the tile goes on the walls I can order the glass shower doors. Then the bath will be done... of course none of this can happen without the tiler who is waiting on the carpenter who is waiting on the plumber who has been sick for the last 8 days. Or maybe "sick".
Anyway, as a tribute to my fortitude - and yours, dear interwebs viewer, for living this renovation with me - I give you Lego Workers à la Flanders and Swann

Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally paid for the bathrooms.

I finally got the bill from the plumber last week. That is the bill for all the work on the three bathrooms, one of which was finished in April, one in May and one on June 22. How many contractors would do that amount of work, including purchasing special order toilets and not even ask for a deposit? And the bill was very fair for all the hours they were here and the anal retentive pickiness we put them through. I showed them the master bath plan last time they were here and they seemed to be looking forward to it. I'll but up with the moaning about my European fixtures to get service this great again.

I also chose and ordered a toilet roll holder and towel bar for the downstairs bath yesterday, which'll mean the work has truly come to a close. Considering we started on November 23, that's not a moment too soon.