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Friday, October 15, 2004

Decisions, decisions

Half-way through another week and we still haven't made a decision about the rest of the floor downstairs. I am leaning towards asking the flooring suppliers to swap the excess bamboo for more redwood and paying them the difference. The advantage here would be that all the bedrooms would be floored in the same material - bamboo, and the hallways linking those rooms would all be redwood. I like the idea of uniformity. The disadvantage would be that we have no idea how hardwearing the redwood really is as we have managed to keep the dogs off it most of the time. I am under the impression that it will wear really well because it is so damn hard.
The other option would be porcelain limestone or travetine look tile, but that would be both expensive and I think cold too. We want to put the tile into the kitchen but we don't want to start ripping out the perfectly servicable cabinets anytime soon. I think at this stage a renovation that big would dive us into the nearest looney bin or either the bankruptcy or divorce courts. The kitchen area is about 480 sq' and the rear hallway is another 180 or so. I think that is just way too much tile. Helpful suggestions are always appreciated.

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