The Cool House: Progress is good

Friday, October 15, 2004

Progress is good

We are mid-way through October and some things have happened. We were in London for a week at the end of last month and we picked up some gorgeous curtains and cushions for our bedroom. The following week Pete worked really hard to get the landing finished and now it looks really solid and classy. It was definitely worth all the aggro and the increased budget. He also finished the master dressing room and my office.

He is coming back next week to floor the balcony overhang in the great room and maybe to put bamboo flooring in the rear hall. I am still debating whether this is a good idea as this area is heavy traffic; there the door to the garage to consider as well as the one to the back yard. Sometimes we do tramp in sand from the beach, which doesn't matter so much now as we have heavy-duty carpet down but it would ruin hardwood flooring. Obviously I would lay rugs by the door but even so I am concerned. The reasons for laying bamboo is that it is very light and that hallway is quite dark and we have six boxes leftover from upstairs and would only need a couple of extra boxes to finish that whole area.

Another good thing happened last week: Vineyard Rd was resurfaced and sometime this week we will get our berm. Then, hopefully, we will not have any more flooding on the property. The bad news is that it is scheduled to rain all week so they may not be able to start the work until later. More good news - we have new gutters installed. The old ones were in terrible shape; a lot of the leaders were missing and there were a couple of places were we felt that there should be gutters to stop soil erosion and potential water penetration in the basement. So far it seems to be doing exactly that. The third piece of good news was that after ten long weeks we finally had the water dispenser replaced on the Sub-Zero and we can have ice in our drinks. Yippee.

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