The Cool House: Feline frustration

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feline frustration

I thought the dining room was done but Wilba the Cat had a few other ideas. Wilba is ten years old and cross. I have no real idea why she is miffed, although it might have something to do with the two male kittens who joined the family a year or so ago, then again she isn't very keen on Sadie the big dog, but it could just be that she prefers salmon to cat food and she hasn't been getting any recently (salmon? we have a house to finish, you know).
Anyway, she likes to punish us by pooping in inappropriate places. For the longest time it was the bath, yucky but a cinch to clean up; we had a sparkling bath from scrubbing it down twice a day.
Now, though she has taken to using the dining room carpet as her personal litter box. The white dining room carpet. Except that it's not white anymore, no matter how much we scrub with carpet shampoo and Nature's Miracle the stains persist.
And because the drapes almost touch the floor and I'm paranoid about them being stained, today I made Steve move the curtain poles up four inches to avoid any kitty contamination. He is unamused: twelve new holes to drill, twelve old holes to spackle and paint over, and we still have to find a solution to the kitty poop problem.


Anonymous said...

Your cat is pooping huh? I had that problem ONCE. I solved it by returning the cat to the rescue league. What I discovered was if another cat was domineering it picked on the other feline which resulted in it not using the cat box for fear of being attacked while busy.
Now my domineering cat got ate by some wild animal somewhere. He just vanished and I am very sad about it. When I went to get another cat, there were no kittens. SO I will wait.


Jane said...
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modernemama said...

I think it's just to mess with our heads.The cat is really saying "carpet unsanitary, hardwood floors easy to clean. Replace those nasty carpets now."