The Cool House: Basic Needs v Bathroom Jewelry

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Basic Needs v Bathroom Jewelry

kwc vesuno classic
Tosca Bergamo
I was extremely distressed at having to part with $500 yesterday just to ensure continuing warmth and security. The garage door opener was declared dead and that was the cost of a new one, installed.

Apparently it was a miracle that the thing had held up for 38 years because the door is heavy and the Genie opener only had a single chain. Amazing. So I should expect the other one to go any second now? Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a double chain opener, guaranteed for one year.
I had that $500 marked down for the start of the downstairs bath remodel and specifically for either one of these beauties. They are both sleek and modern but the one on the left is the angular Tosca Bergamo and on the right we have the more traditional KWC Vesuno Classic.
Strictly speaking, I don't need a new faucet, but we do have a leak on the existing one, and the vanity is starting to de-laminate and I hoped that while we were on a bathroom remodelling kick we should just go with it and update the lot. I hadn't discussed this with Steven because I know he'd be even less enthusiastic than he was when I suggested adopting a new kitty........
In the unlikely event I should have a spare few hundred bucks in the future it would be good to have the fixtures already chosen, so some input on my faucet choice would be appreciated. Vote here for your favourite

Your favorite faucet
Tosca Bergamo
KWC Vesuno Classic
Either, I love them both
Neither, they leave me cold
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Anonymous said...

I don't really have a choice (I'd have to see the context - pictures?) but your post made me giggle, since it reminded me of that commercial where the woman goes to the high-powered architect and plops a faucet on his desk and tells him to design them a house around it.

And boy what we all couldn't do with a few extra hundred laying around...

modernemama said...

There are some photos on Flickr, click the link on the right but yes, I'd be building the new vanity and sink around the faucet. That's how we started our kitchen remodel in our last house - we chose the faucet six months before starting the remodel and everything was built around it. That was a while before that Kohler advertisement.

Poppy said...

I voted for the Tosca faucet...then I checked the links for price and as always...that's the most expensive :) It never fails.