The Cool House: No room to sleep

Friday, February 09, 2007

No room to sleep

more new fixtures
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The cat doesn't seem to care, but the bathroom remodels are taking over the house. Every surface in this room is covered with a faucet, sink or towel rail just waiting to go into the new baths.
The vanity for the girls' bath arrived yesterday but it's so heavy it has to stay in the garage until some man with muscles can help me negotiate it upstairs. FedEx also dropped off the faucet for the girls' bath and the fixture store called to say they have the closet door knob ready to be picked up. That means we have everything for that bath except the countertop and we can only order that when we've mounted the vanity. I could do that this weekend but we would be without a sink in that room for at least two weeks until the countertop is installed and we've connected the sink and faucet. I'm not sure whether that's a good idea or not.

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