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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Chores

nickel door knobs
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The pink granite is gone and we have this splendid new knob from Baldwin in it's place. It took me two hours to finangel into place this one and the bigger version on the powder room door. Most of that was spent upside down turning the locking screw with the allen key. I was extremely nervous about dropping the knobs on the tiles, or my face, as they weigh a ton. I guess that's why they were so expensive. And I discovered by removing the old porcelain knob that the powder room used to be painted oil blue. No why doesn't that surprise me?
On Saturday Steven put a coat of primer on the new ceiling in the boy's bath and re-attached the towel rails in the girl's bath. We chose hardware for the new vanity but they are out of stock so eventually we may have to find something else. I'm hoping not as they are the right size, shape and price and we both like them. How often does that happen?
No luck getting the new vanity installed though. The faucet lines are as tightly corroded as the one's in the boys' bath were, and the P-trap won't move either. Oh well, the plumber will be here next week to install the shower base and he can wrench it apart then. Things are progressing but really, really slowly.

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allison said...

Sounds like you made a lot of progress. Nothing is ever quick in this home improvement game. We want to paint our bathroom, but, of course, it involves lots of plaster repair first. Plus, the previous owners installed all kinds of weird shelving we want to take down first. Who knows how much that will add to the plaster repair project. Good luck with your bathroom!