The Cool House: Bathroom Fixtures

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Fixtures
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They are in, they function and they shine.
The Toto Nexus maple seat is so warm and it's a soft close model so no-one can slam the seat down. Hurrah.
The vessel sink doesn't splash because it's huge and because the faucet has a water restrainer in it. It delivers just enough water in a steady stream to wash hands or face or clean your teeth. And what about that Tenso faucet? Form and function in one.
The Grohe Freehander shower kicks ass. So much water, sparkly, clean water that you definitely need shower doors. The shower door guys measured today and promise that in another two to three weeks I can try it out. I can't wait.
Oh and the best. As the plumbers were leaving they called me and told me they had totally changed their minds about the shower. It isn't a fancy-pants piece of chichiness. It is a beautifully designed triumph of engineering and they'd be happy to put one in their own bathrooms! This is true plumber praise.


Poppy said...

I am really loving how your bathroom is turning out. It looks so crisp and sophisticated. I love the color palette.

Glad it's all coming together :)

modernemama said...

Thank you. I was worried we might have too much wood, but I've decided we haven't reached that point yet.