The Cool House: Bathroom Renovations Part Three

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bathroom Renovations Part Three

De-laminated Vanity Door
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I took my eye off the downstairs bathroom and this is what happened. It got jealous. I guess everyone using the one bath while the others are being renovated has taken its toll on it.
It seems that faucet that we didn't think was leaking too badly back on Thanksgiving weekend was, in fact, silently dripping hot water onto the vanity door. The plywood has swelled up beautifully to the point I could no longer miss it when I walked in the door. The fact that I was also standing in a pool of water was a bit of a hint.
I turned off the hot water under the sink but the damage has been done. Tony the custom vanity guy is coming to measure for the countertop on the girls' bath vanity next week so I guess I'll ask him to make another floating vanity for this bath while he's about it. After all we already have the ceramic vessel sink and pillar faucet we decided not to use upstairs so the cost won't be as great as it might be.
The dilemma is whether I can do a partial update in this room. I love the original floor and the wall tiles are sand coloured hexagons in great shape. I think if we get rid of the fawn beige toilet and replace it with a white one and pick the right countertop we could get away with it. It would have a more beachy feel, which, as this is the bath people use when they come in from the beach or the pool, would be appropriate.
We'll see.

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