The Cool House: Is there rehab for remodelers?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is there rehab for remodelers?

It's like a bad habit we can't break. Actually, if I'm honest I have the habit, Steven just supports it.
The boys' bath wasn't even half-way done before I started on the girls' bath. This was completely crazy because the master bath shower has been out of commission for months (possibly over a year, I can't bring myself to check). The logical thing to do, and let me say also the plan when we first making "to do" list, was to remodel the master, then move on to the boys' bath. It's funny how easy it was to talk ourselves out of this plan and into Plan B: boys' bath, then master. The reasoning was we knew exactly what we wanted in the boys' bath but couldn't agree on anything for the master. We also told ourselves the boys' bath would be practice for the master, we'd get all the mistakes out of the way in a bath that was less important.
Well, that was a specious argument. In reality we knew the challenges and problems would be totally different; I just wanted to get rid of those crazed tiles. Somehow, though as the ugly tiles came off I realised I could not live with the avocado in the girls' bath. Once again, logic dictates that you wait until the first bath is done before you rip up the second. But I have a habit, so it had to be done.
Now the boys' bath is beautiful but it isn't finished yet: no shower doors, no hardware and the girl's bath doesn't have a working basin - won't have for at least two weeks- so why would I undertake the downstairs bath remodel at this time?
Because I have a serious problem, that's why. I have a habit and it's controlling me.

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It is a sickness, but one that produces such wonderful results!