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Friday, March 02, 2007

Custom Copper Shower

The Expo catalogue arrived yesterday and fell open at the bathroom page, and there was something I'd never seen before, never even knew existed: a copper shower.

It spoke to me enough to make me tear up the plans for the master bath and install copper instead. Before I go down that route, though, several things occur to me: Wouldn't the copper get too warm for comfort if you're taking a long hot shower? How do you clean a copper shower? What stops it turning blue? How much would a 48"x36" beauty cost? What would Greg the Plumber say?

A bit of research later and I had the answers to some of my questions, the cost starts just shy of $3000. And there is a no-tarnish option. But...... will it fit in with my cool house? What other fixtures (towel rail, toilet holder etc) and tiles would look right with it?
So many questions. Here are a couple more: Has anyone seen a copper shower in real life? Better still , has anyone got one?

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LisaBe said...

wow--that's gorgeous. i'm guessing that it does get that blue-green patina and that that's part of the beauty, unless you plan to care for it like you would a copper pot in the kitchen (which i totally wouldn't). don't know about the conductivity issue, whether it would make you uncomfortable enough to want to step out--my suspicion is that the ambient air would cool it off as much as the water would heat it up, making it not really a problem. and as for fixtures, i think the oil-rubbed bronze that's trendy these days might look nice, though i think reclaimed or sustainable teak or other woods would look beautiful with it. depends on the look you're going for. i think as long as the fixtures look cohesive, it doesn't matter whether they match, per se. and lots of tile options will complement it--deep colors like lapis blue would look amazing, i think, or an even deeper bronze, both of which will bring out the tones of the metal both new and as it patinas, would be my top choices, maybe mixed in with complementary accents.
keep us posted!