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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More shopping

Because I was frustrated that the vanity didn't go in yesterday, which meant I couldn't order the countertop for it, I had the "spendies". That's when I have the money, the time and the energy to purchase something and nothing is going to deter me. I could have bought something cheap, like a bar of chocolate, but I didn't think that was going to satisfy my craving - it had to be something bathroom related.
So I threw the dogs in the car and headed off to the fancy fixture place in town where, as luck would have it, the guy who delivered my shower base was just finishing with a customer. He asked if I'd had it installed yet and mentioned how he loved his and the teak insert he'd ordered. Teak insert. That would slay the spendies good and dead. A few questions about the durability and slipperiness of the wood and all my concerns about the slatted base were laid to rest and then the clincher: you don't have to clean the base as often.
Done, sold and sated. I'm much happier now.I can go back to dreaming about non-essentials like this.

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