The Cool House: What's small and cute and sounds like a jet?

Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's small and cute and sounds like a jet?

new laundry appliances
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A Bosch Axxis washing machine, that's what.
They arrived at lunchtime and they have already done one load of washing. It came out of the washer practically dry, and CLEAN too. So nice. I'd forgotten, though, what 1200 RPM sounds like, it whirrs and whines like a jet taking off. And it has more controls than the average airplane, and I'm sure the only one I'll ever use is standard wash. This model also beeps when it starts and when it finishes and possibly if something goes wrong too (I'm hoping not to find out).
Weirdly enough although the dryer is an American model the washer comes from Canada and speaks both English and French. Chouette. Did they run out of American Axxis washers, do you think?
The installers were nice enough to wait after they'd hauled out then old machines so I could attempt to clean yards of fabric softener off the floor. That stuff is just nasty: a gooey, black mess that I had to scrape off before I could give it a quick go over with the mop. I haven't used the stuff in my washing in a decade so I can honestly say that it wasn't my muck under there.
OK, I'm going to do another load of washing now, yippee. This is just the boost I needed to get me to tackle another project, I can't wait until I can put the wall cabinets up and get back to having a usable laundry.

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LisaBe said...

oh, that feeling never gets old. we bought a bosch washer and dryer (and dishwasher) when we bought our house in 2004 and had the exact same reaction as you: everything's almost dry and it's so clean! and it sounds like it's going to take off! laundry day has never been the same since. we've become sort of evangelistic about them, too, when people sort of casually ask for appliance recommendations, being probably frighteningly passionate about bosch :)