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Friday, June 01, 2007

Revenge of The Cool House

back door
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It is a truism in house renovation: fix one problem and another is thrown your way.

In this case not many hours after I was dancing a jig of glee at having replaced the decades old laundry appliances Steven walked past the back hall and bang went the pane of glass in the door.

Apart from the damage to his nerves nobody was hurt but we can't work out what happened. The dogs were in the other part of the house, no birds have flown into the door, it just cracked across blowing a huge hole out of the middle. Of course it was 8 pm so apart from a temporary keep the elements out job with duct tape, cardboard and contractor bags on the outside there wasn't much we could do.

I'm waiting for the glazier to open at 10 am to find out what the damage will be to replace the door light with tempered glass. Until then it's kind of dark down this end of the house.

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