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Friday, June 01, 2007


pink tinged cream peony

I have been suffering from peony envy for about five weeks. My neighbour's front yard has the most beautiful, large, continuously flowering peonies. They start early, in the beginning of May and are still blooming now.
Mine, on the other hand have taken all this time to reach flowering stage. I put this down to the fact that these are ones I transplanted from the shady rear yard, where I never ever saw them bloom. This year, though, I noticed big buds on them and I've been anxiously waiting to see what colour they would be.
They turned out to be a glorious shade of cream with a pink center and a pink tinge to the outer petals. But the strange thing is that this year more peonies sprung up in the back garden. I obviously didn't transplant them all, although where they've been for the last two years is a mystery.

pink peony
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A bigger mystery is why these peonies are a dusky pink.
Any thoughts?

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