The Cool House: Blogger's Bouquet

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogger's Bouquet

It's always lovely to be appreciated and while I look forward to all comments, positive and critical, on my posts, bouquets are definitely preferred over brickbats. But however nice virtual bouquets are, the real thing is so much better.
Imagine my delight then when my neighbor turned up yesterday with this beautiful bouquet. She'd read my post on her whole house renovation and liked what I'd written.
I was quite overwhelmed, first finding out the neighbors have located my blog, and then that they like it enough to come back. That's more than enough for me, but to bring flowers - that's the cherry in the Manhattan.


Wuttisak Kormpar said...
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Anonymous said...

(Go away spammer!)

Would should let you take any pics of the interior? The project is really intriguing and I must feed my craving for house voyeurism :)

modernemama said...

JM - this one's for you - new pics with interior shots