The Cool House: Coping with the changing seasons

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coping with the changing seasons

The kittens are getting their first taste of snow. Hermes really can't understand where that stuff came from, and why it's wet and cold on his paws. He's almost stopped going out at all. Such a wimp. Maya is a fearless female and isn't going to let a little whte stuff get in the way of her favorite occupation: rodent control.

This morning the power went out and, as he couldn't use his computer, Steven decided he'd clear a path from the kitchen to the driveway. The kittens hadn't seen anyone shovel snow before and were completely enthralled, watching him intently until he moved out of sight.

And then, as the show was over, they disappeared to find warm spots in my office and have a well deserved nap.

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