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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post Holiday Clean Up

This is the only thing that didn't get vacuumed, dusted or polished today... that's because it's totally perfect as is.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coping with the changing seasons

The kittens are getting their first taste of snow. Hermes really can't understand where that stuff came from, and why it's wet and cold on his paws. He's almost stopped going out at all. Such a wimp. Maya is a fearless female and isn't going to let a little whte stuff get in the way of her favorite occupation: rodent control.

This morning the power went out and, as he couldn't use his computer, Steven decided he'd clear a path from the kitchen to the driveway. The kittens hadn't seen anyone shovel snow before and were completely enthralled, watching him intently until he moved out of sight.

And then, as the show was over, they disappeared to find warm spots in my office and have a well deserved nap.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Never leave a cat candle unattended

A quick run to Ikea Long Island early this morning for tea lights, floating candles and a silver tray to put more candles on resulted in me getting just one of those items. However I did get some more red pillar candles which Hermes has been very interested in. Good thing they weren't lighted.
So far the kittens have been much better than I expected about the Xmas decorations. Hermes did rough up Melchior quite a bit, and the Swedish sleigh was hooked off the dresser and taken for a wild ride. But at least they haven't tried to climb the tree!

Sadie has been trying to pretend the whole Yule thing is a mirage, except for Ginger Cookies, which smell so deliciously of butter and brown sugar and which she is MOST CERTAINLY NOT ALLOWED TO EAT.

I also bought a couple of Lotten throws in Ikea as the red ones on the sofa in the photo have been slept and drooled on by cats and dogs alike and are not something you'd want to cuddle up in on any cold winter's evening. The new throws aren't especially festive looking but they are very soft and cozy, and hopefully they'll be really warm, too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Of course this would be the other reason my grand plan for hosta domination in the yard might not work out.
I divided and re-planted fifty-two hostas in the dell on Sunday morning. Five different varieties, no less, from giant yellow and green ones like Hermes and Maya are pinning down here, to a tiny pale green one that could be Lakeside Little Gem.
I don't want it to just be a hosta bed so there's also a couple of heuchera in there and a Japanese climbing hydrangea at the bottom of the weeping Juniper as well as a dwarf pink hydrangea, assorted rhododendrons and azaleas and a couple of different hollies. If the day lilies have taken there will be two large clumps of those, too.
But it's the hostas that are fascinating the kittens at the moment.

Hermes in the hostas

Maya in the hostas

Ah well. at least they aren't scratching up the furniture......

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guess what the cat dragged in?

Hermes is trying his paw at hunting. This morning he found this 5" caterpillar by the rhododendron outside my office window and carried it around for a while until I persuaded him to drop it in return for cat treats.
I wikipediaed it and it appears to be the lavae of a large sphinx moth. There's a much prettier photo here.
I've never seen one before but it could be the variety that lives on vines as I spent more time yesterday pulling them out.
You'll be happy to know that it survived the cat attack and it's crawling off to another bush as I type.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The kittens are getting bigger

Not only did Steven clean the slate patio, but he also took the table to pieces and cleaned that, too. Of course, no sooner done than the kittens wanted to check it out.

At least Maya did, Hermes was more interested in the trees.

Hermes on the clean table

Monday, July 02, 2007

Balcony kitties

Balcony kitties
Originally uploaded by modernemama
They've been hanging out here for a while but they are making their way downstairs now. I took them for a check up today; Maya weighs 2lbs and Hermes 5lbs.
So far they have stood their ground against the other cats and the dogs and even pushed Sadie and Polly away from the dog food so they can get at the dogs' Nutro.