The Cool House: Another Modernist Masterpiece

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Modernist Masterpiece

I started reading The 70s House last night and was excited to discover that it featured another Huntington Bay Modernist house, the work of architect Richard Henderson of Gwathmey-Henderson. Built in 1969 the Loring Mandel House is a long, low-slung concrete structure tucked into the hillside on Bay Ave. This house, which was later owned by the author Alyson Richman, changed hands again last year.

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A simple design, the house was exceptionally well-cared for by its owners. When the house was on the market the realtor put photos on the website and it was remarkable to see how it remained virtually unchanged for almost 40 years. Photographer Sue Barr has captured the essence of the house but I can't find any shots on the internets so you'll just have to buy or borrow a copy of the book or take my word for it. It's a treat for lovers of modern architecture.
Unfortunately, though, there is one paragraph in the article that I can't get out of my head. The author, David Heathcote must be an Brit because he describes Huntington Bay as a "Home Counties type suburb", which makes me want to vomit, put the house on the market and move to the city.

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