The Cool House: Mid-century teak and ceramic lamp

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mid-century teak and ceramic lamp

Super quick shipping from the seller, my ebay lamps arrived today. I was so excited.

I love the teak top that reminds me of deer antlers without being an overdone design trend. The ceramic base drapes gracefully down to the base. And those little brass ball feet? Too cute. I think it looks fabulous. I just need to go get a hanger and shade.

Unfortunately, despite being wrapped in bubble plastic and being nestled in a ton of polystyrene chips, its partner didn't make the journey unscathed. Poor cracked baby. Apart from filing a claim with FedEx I'm not sure there's anything I can do to fix this. Ceramic isn't self-repairing, is it?


Jennifer said...

I have had good luck with Gorilla glue repairing ceramic mugs and lamps with little to no line.

There wouldn't be much of a risk to try it... and even if it's not perfect you could put that "leg" towards the back. I bet it won't be noticable, however, if you are very careful matching the edges up.

modernemama said...

I have Gorilla glue so I'll try it, thanks for the tip.