The Cool House: Lights, swearing, action.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lights, swearing, action.

The answer to the question in yesterday's post is "by leaving 5cm exposed".

It took three attempts to fix the new pendant light to the ceiling in Verity's room because we had forgotten how much of the ceiling screw to leave hanging down. Too much and there would be an ugly chrome screw visible between the fitting and the ceiling,

too little and the plate wouldn't screw on.

Five cms is perfect. We need to be this precise, almost 2" doesn't cut it.

I took the Mibo shade off and just plonked it on the lamp to get the effect but I really like it. When I've taken the Gorilla Glue (thank you Jennifer for the suggestion) to the break in the ceramic, I'll put the shade on and voila - two new lights.

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Jennifer said...

I hope it works! It would be a shame to not have TWO!