The Cool House: Cake or death?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cake or death?

Guess what we will be doing this evening?
We have tickets to see Eddie Izzard at the Union Square Theatre in NYC. One little "oops" moment. I booked the tickets and didn't check the time of the performance. It starts at 10:30 pm. Since the bout of bugness we've haven't made it past the 10 o'clock news, so this should be an interesting experience. Hopefully the raucous laughter will keep us awake. What? You didn't think that was funny? Then check out this one

You liked it? He'll be gigging until March 8th..
The question is, should we complete the unique Britishness of the experience by eating fish & chips at A Salt & Battery first?


Jean Martha said...

A Salt & Battery -- YES!!

We considered getting tix to see Eddie but we've spent a fortune on shows recently. I kept secretly hoping that Theatre Mania would release some freebies. Hope springs eternal!

modernemama said...

We had a Ticketmaster gift card (thanks Zalaika) awaiting a suitable occasion.

Jennifer said...

Oh, have fun! :)