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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Game Night: The 1984 version

It seems we needed the game table to motivate us to plow through the boxes of board games we've accumulated over the years.

In addition to four versions of Monopoly - London (twice), Paris and Belgium (in two languages), we also have Catopoly. Cats as real estate, who knew? The other evening we worked our way to Trivial Pursuit Young Player Edition, an old set of qustions from the days when Trivial Pursuit was the Wii of crazes. You could tell what era it came from by the questions: Which two countries are divided by the Berlin Wall? and What type of language is Fortran? and which country by the curious fact that every other question in the pink section was about Kajagoogoo and the rest had to do with characters in The Beano and The Dandy.

Most of us had never heard of Limahl and the biggest pop sensation of 1983, while one of us (ahem) had tried to block the oeuvre from her memory. But we hit on a brilliant solution to remedy this failing. Every time a song came up that we couldn't recall we played it on the youtubes. Oh youtube, how you have enhanced game night and our daily lives.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Going Out Tomorrow Night

Anyone want to guess who'll be gigging?
There are clues but no prizes, just the satisfaction of knowing you have a superior knowledge of music from the last twenty years or so. Oh, and bragging rights of course. Extra points if you can also identify the songs:

1) Still there's a light I hold before me
You're the measure of my dreams

2) There was nothing ever gained
By a wet thing called a tear

3) And as the sunset came to meet
The evening on the hill
I told you I'd always love you


4) If you're lonely, I will call -
If you're poorly, I will send poetry

5) Is there a flag that flies above your heart
And is my name writ there upon it?

6) Here we are in our summer years
Living on icecream and chocolate kisses

Remember: Googling the lyrics is cheating, and as there are no prizes, pretty pointless. Have fun.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cake or death?

Guess what we will be doing this evening?
We have tickets to see Eddie Izzard at the Union Square Theatre in NYC. One little "oops" moment. I booked the tickets and didn't check the time of the performance. It starts at 10:30 pm. Since the bout of bugness we've haven't made it past the 10 o'clock news, so this should be an interesting experience. Hopefully the raucous laughter will keep us awake. What? You didn't think that was funny? Then check out this one

You liked it? He'll be gigging until March 8th..
The question is, should we complete the unique Britishness of the experience by eating fish & chips at A Salt & Battery first?